Community Resources

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the community information sessions on December 7, 2022!

Stay tuned for more information on upcoming community meetings.


Contact if you have questions or are interested in visiting the project.


In 2022, the Talon team hosted five community information sessions. These were a big success and a perfect opportunity to hear the community’s  thoughts, concerns and ideas as we continue to shape our mine plans. Thanks to all of you that took the time to come out and attend.

This summer we were honored to coordinate a visit to the Eagle Mine and Humboldt Mill Facility in Michigan for a group of representatives from our local community, so they could see firsthand an operating underground nickel mine similar to what is being contemplated for Tamarack. Representative Dale Lueck attended the tour and shared, “Visiting the Eagle Mine and Humboldt Plant was a real eye-opener, which allowed firsthand observation of the extensive environmental procedures that apply to handling the ore produced by this modern non-ferrous mine”. The Talon team would highly recommend members of the community taking the trip to Marquette, Michigan to take a tour. Nickel is a key ingredient in the EV battery and helps to extend the driving range. Our goal is for nickel from Tamarack to be used for US made electric vehicles.


August 2022, our team enjoyed volunteering and participating in the annual Hey Day festivities in Tamarack. Our geologists came out of the core shed to showcase some of their favorite core samples, our environmental staff were spotted helping out in the ticket booth, and we even convinced our Health & Safety Advisor to take a turn in the dunk tank! Thank you to the Tamarack Activities Club for another great summer festival, and we look forward to next year!