COVID 19 Summary Statement

The Company’s COVID Prevention Plan is a direct reflection of our Core Values. Protection of our Teammates, Community, and our Stakeholders are of paramount importance. Our primary goal is to mitigate any potential exposures to the virus in our workplaces.

To that end, employees and visitors receive comprehensive training with regard to:

  1. Recognition of symptoms common to the virus.
  2.  Hygiene practices.
  3.  Methods to self-monitor.
  4. Taking precautions away from the workplace.


New employees and visitors are screened to determine potential risk for exposure from outside sources. All personnel complete a temperature check prior to beginning each shift.

Developed in a best practices approach, our plan utilizes recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control, Minnesota Department of Health, and OSHA. We have also partnered with our local healthcare providers to ensure access to appropriate testing and preventative measures. Our plan receives updates as knowledge of the COVID 19 virus improves.

Should the need arise, Talon’s CPP provides a robust isolation plan, which utilizes project resources capable of supporting quarantine procedures for entire crews- all without exposure to our community. Should you have questions regarding Talon’s COVID Prevention Plan please contact: