Henri van Rooyen



Mr. van Rooyen is Talon Metals Chief Executive Officer. He is also a member of Tau Capital, a private investment and advisory services company, where he has been primarily responsible for its new business evaluation process and the implementation of exploration and development programs for mineral projects in countries across Africa and Latin America, including Brazil. Prior to joining Tau Capital, Mr. van Rooyen was President & CEO of Groupman, a private company that built the largest silica mine in South Africa, as well as one of South Africa's largest offshore diamond exploration projects.

Sean Werger



Mr. Werger is Talon Metals President. He is also a member of Tau Capital Corp., a private investment and advisory services company, where he has been General Counsel and Managing Director of Mergers & Acquisitions. Prior to joining Tau Capital, Mr. Werger was a litigator with Lax O'Sullivan Scott LLP. Mr. Werger obtained his LL.B and MBA degrees from Osgoode Hall Law School and Schulich School of Business, respectively.

Vince Conte



Mr. Conte is Talon Metal's Chief Financial Officer. He is also the Vice President of Corporate Development and Financial Evaluation at Tau Capital Corp., a private investment and advisory services company, where he is responsible for financial modelling and project valuations. Prior to joining Tau Capital, Mr. Conte was a Senior Manager with Deloitte & Touche LLP in Toronto, practicing in the Financial Advisory Group. In this role, Mr. Conte advised numerous mining companies and investors in the areas of valuations, mergers & acquisitions, and financial due diligence. In addition, he provided audit, accounting, internal control and consulting services while at Deloitte. Mr. Conte obtained Bachelor of Mathematics and Master of Accounting degrees from the University of Waterloo and is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CA), CFA and CBV.

Mike Kicis

Vice President, Corporate Development & Legal Affairs


Mike Kicis is Vice President of Corporate Development and Legal Affairs for Talon Metals. Prior to joining Talon Metals, Mr. Kicis worked as a Senior Associate at Blake, Cassels & Graden LLP, working out of their London, England and Calgary, Canada offices. As a Senior Associate, Mr. Kicis practiced corporate and securities law, with a particular focus on the natural resources industry. He assisted his clients in undertaking corporate take-overs, mergers, acquisitions, dispositions, arranging secured and unsecured financings and raising capital through equity and/or debt financings. Mr. Kicis obtained his Honours Business Administration and Bachelor of Laws degrees concurrently (with Honours) at the Richard Ivey School of Business and the University of Western Ontario, respectively.

Dr. Etienne Dinel

Vice President, Geology


Dr. Dinel is Talon Metal's Vice President of Geology. Dr. Dinel is a Geologist with over 10 years of experience in the mining industry, with expertise in structural geology, petrology and geochemistry of ore deposits. He has led multiple field mapping projects with various Canadian governmental geological surveys in collaboration with major mining companies such as Goldcorp, St. Andrew Goldfields and Globestar Mining. In his capacity as Senior Geologist with Tau Capital Corp., a private investment and advisory services company, he has been responsible for structural geology and geochemistry. Dr. Dinel has a Bachelor's of Geology Physics (Honours) and a Ph.D. in economic geology, both from the University of Ottawa. He completed post-doctoral studies at the University of Toronto and the Geological Survey of Canada.

Mike Shaw

Vice President, Exploration


Mike Shaw is Talon Metals Vice President of Exploration. Mr. Shaw brings 22 years of experience to Talon Metals. In the field of exploration, his experience stems from a range of management and consulting positions which include all aspects of planning, implementation, management of field programs, drilling programs, data management, interpretation, project management and evaluation. In the field of mining, his experience includes both junior and senior positions on underground and open pit gold mines in South Africa involving mapping, sampling, grade control, ore accounting, resource evaluation and due diligence studies. Prior to joining Talon Metals, Mr. Shaw spent 10 years as a geological consultant with Geo-Consult International (Pty) Ltd. gaining wide experience in a range of commodities such as gold, coal, diamonds and base minerals in Africa, Asia and North America. Prior to working as a consultant, he spent 10 years as an exploration geologist for JCI Limited on gold and base metal projects in Africa and South Africa.and the Geological Survey of Canada.

Brian Bengert

Talon Geophysicist (Consultant)


Brian received a B.Sc. in Geophysics in 1994, and later obtained his M.Sc. from York University in 1996 specializing in Time series and Data Analysis.  Upon graduation, Brian spent five years as a field Geophysicist working for Quantec Geoscience in North and South America.  Brian worked as a geophysicist 15 years for Inco which later became a part of Vale.  He started at Inco with major responsibility for the Voisey’s Bay nickel project, and was a principal member of the team that discovered the deposit that would become the future underground operation.  After the takeover by Vale, Brian was quickly transferred to international work and was subsequently given the responsibility for best practices in global geophysics.

Over his career, Brian has gained extensive experience collecting, processing and interpreting geophysical data.  He has been involved in the development of several geophysical methodologies, including Array MT/IP, natural field EM, borehole IP, and Groundfloor EM.  His experience was gained from projects covering a wide spectrum of commodities, including nickel, copper, gold, iron, zinc, lithium, coal, and diamonds./p>

Oliver Peters

Talon Metallurgist (Consultant)


Mr. Oliver Peters brings more than 20 years of experience in mineral processing and has worked on over 80 projects including over 20 Cu, Ni, and PGM projects. For more than 10 years, Mr. Peters have been advising clients on the metallurgical and engineering aspects of base metals, gold, and industrial minerals projects as Principal Metallurgist at Metpro and as a consulting metallurgist for SGS Minerals. Prior to that, he was part of an engineering team that build the DRA Americas branch. Mr. Peters spent 6 years at Falconbridge working on numerous copper and nickel projects and the Koniambo nickel laterite project. Mr. Peters obtained a Master’s degree in engineering with a specialization on mineral processing from RWTH Aachen University in Germany and an Executive MBA from Athabasca University. Mr. Peters in a member of the Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO).

Paul Stacey

Talon Data Manager (Consultant)


GIS and Data Management Expert specializing in 2D and 3D deposit modeling, integration and data management for the minerals exploration and mining industry. 20+ years of experience providing broad insight into best-in-class software, data management, dissemination and visualization practices.

Talon Technical Committee

All exploration programs at Talon Metals are submitted for review, discussion and modification by Talon's Technical Committee, consisting of:

  • Dr. Anthony J. Naldrett
  • Dr. Peter Lightfoot
  • Mr. Alan King

This process requires Talon management to submit any proposed exploration program to the Technical Committee. The program will describe the overall goal and specific objectives, KPIs and a plan of execution. The program will include a proposed budget. In addition to written format, Talon management will also present the program via web conference to answer any questions. The committee is required to submit their findings and recommendations in writing where after Talon management will prepare and submit a final program.

During an exploration program, the committee will receive weekly reports for review and comment.

After a program has been completed a detailed review is conducted, being the start of the following cycle.

Dr. Anthony J. Naldrett

Talon Technical Committee Member and Director


Tony Naldrett was born in England, educated at St Paul’s School, London, served as a pilot in the Royal Airforce from 1951-53, received his BA from the University of Cambridge in 1956, emigrated to Canada in 1957, and worked for Falconbridge Nickel Mines Ltd as a mine geologist at Sudbury. He received his Ph.D. from Queens University in 1964, spent 3 years with the Carnegie Institution in Washington, DC and joined the Department of Geology, University of Toronto, in 1967, retiring in 1998; he and his students/research associates have worked on the geology, mineralogy and chemistry of magmatic sulfide deposits and related rocks. He has authored, or co-authored along with his students and colleagues, 254 refereed publications, plus the writing or editing of 7 books, the most recent of which, “Magmatic Sulfide Deposits; Geology, Geochemistry and Exploration” was published by Springer Verlag in 2004. He now lives in the cathedral city of Chichester in Southern England.

Tony’s research has covered nearly all of the world’s magmatic sulfide ores, including those at Sudbury, the Canadian Abitibi Belt, the West Australian Komatiite deposits, the Zimbabwe Ni deposits, deposits of the Raglan and Thompson Nickel belts, Noril’sk, Pechenga, Jinchuan, the Duluth Complex, and PGE in the Bushveld and Stillwater complexes, the Great Dyke, and Lac des Iles. He has also taken an interest in chemical processes related to magmatic sulfides, including work on the Fe-S-O and Fe-Ni-S systems, sulfur solubility in silicate melts, the activities of divalent cations in mafic melts, partitioning of Ni, Cu, Co and PGE between sulfide and silicate melts and between mss and sulfide melts. He retired in 1998, but retains a position as University Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto, and continues his research on magmatic sulfide deposits, most recently as Honorary Professor in the School of Geosciences, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa, and as Honorary Research Fellow of the Natural History Museum, London.

Apart from academic studies, Tony has played a role in several scientific societies, becoming President of the Mineralogical Association of Canada (1982-83), the Society of Economic Geologists (1991-92), the International Mineralogical Association (1998-2002) and the Geological Society of America (2001-2002). He was chair of the Board of UNESCO’s International Geological Cooperation Programme (IGCP) from 1988 to 1992. He has served as consultant to over 35 companies including Chevron, Falconbridge, MRDI, Western Mining Corporation, BHP-Billiton, Rio Tinto, Diamond Fields Resources Inc. during their exploration of Voisey’s Bay, COMINCO America and Kennecott Exploration.

His honours include appointment as University Professor of the University of Toronto (1984), election to Fellowship in the Royal Society of Canada in 1984, Honorary Life Fellowships in the European Union of Geosciences (1983), Russian Mineralogical Society (1999), Mineralogical Society (2002) and Geological Society of South Africa (2011), the Barlow Gold Medal of the Canadian Institute for Mining and Metallurgy (1974), the Bownocker Gold Medal of Ohio State University (1986), the Duncan Derry (1980) and Logan Medals (1994) of the Geological Association of Canada, the Society Silver Medal (1982) and Penrose Gold Medal (2002) of the Society of Economic Geologists, the Peacock Medal of the Mineralogical Association of Canada (1991) and the Hadden King Medal of the Australian Academy of Sciences (2012). Tony was awarded D.Sc. honoris causa by Laurentian University in 2000 and by the University of Pretoria in 2001 and was appointed Honorary University Professor, China University of Geosciences, Beijing in 2012.

Dr. Peter Lightfoot

Talon Technical Committee Member


Dr. Peter C. Lightfoot, P.Geo. is an Independent Consultant to the minerals industry. Dr. Lightfoot's company, Lightfoot Geoscience Inc., provides consulting services to companies exploring for magmatic nickel-cobalt-copper and precious metal ore deposits. During a 20-year career as a geologist with Inco and Vale he was responsible for exploration at Voisey's Bay where he helped to establish the depth extent of the Reid Brook ore body, Sudbury where he helped make new discoveries at Victor and Totten, Thompson where he was part of a team that discovered the North Hangingwall Deposit, and Carajas where he was part of the team who discovered the Jaguar hydrothermal nickel-iron oxide deposit. Peter has been involved in project generation, evaluation and support in Canada, Greenland, Scandinavia, Finland, China, India, Australia, Brazil, Angola, South Africa and the United States. Peter has worked with the Talon team on Tamarack for two years, and his skills at target generation, project review, and ranking of project opportunities will remain a focus of his contribution.

At the beginning of 2017, Dr. Lightfoot was appointed as the Hutchinson Visiting Industry Professor at the University of Western Ontario. In 2016 he published the first comprehensive textbook on the Ni-Cu- precious metal ore deposits of the Sudbury Igneous Complex. In 2016 he also compiled and edited a special volume on the gold deposits of China, published in Ore Geology Reviews.

He received his B.A. in Earth Sciences from Oxford in 1980, his M.Sc. degree from the University of Toronto in 1982 and his Ph.D from the Open University (U.K.) in 1985. He completed post-doctoral studies at the University of Toronto and undertook extensive research on the geology and geochemistry of the Noril’sk ore deposits during his tenure as an Adjunct Professor.

Alan King

Talon Technical Committee Member


Alan received a B.Sc. in geology from the University of Toronto in 1976 and an M.Sc. in geophysics from Macquarie University in 1989. From 1976 to 1984 he worked as a geophysicist in exploration and resource development in Canada and Australasia. In 1985 he joined GeoPhysiCon Co. Ltd. in Calgary Canada where he was involved in mining, geotechnical, oilsands and environmental applications for a variety of commodities. In 1990 he was employed by Inco Exploration and Technical Services Inc. as a senior geophysicist and in 1995 was promoted to Manager of Geophysics with responsibility for global exploration. With the takeover of Inco by Vale in 2007 he moved to Brazil to assist with Vale’s geophysical work in Brazil and moved back Canada in 2011. From 2009 to 2012 Alan was Chief Geophysicist for Vale Global Exploration working on geophysical applications for base metals, iron, manganese, coal and fertilizers (potash and phosphate) as well as target generation using regional and global data sets. Alan is currently working as a consultant with his own company Geoscience North His professional interests include the use of geophysics and new technology (and ideas) in exploration, mining, environmental, geotechnical and other applications.